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Room Parents

Room Parent Program Requirements

Be Yourself!  Be respectful, reliable, consistent, and commit to be a real help to the teacher and class.

Work together:  Contact other room parents for the class and agree upon a division of responsibility. Review periodically to see how it is going.

Teacher Connection:  Meet with the teacher (in person or by phone) throughout the year to establish and maintain communication channels with the class. Let the teacher set the tone and pace of your participation.

Class Directory/Email ListSet-up a class email list and directory that can be used by the teacher and the room parents.

Contact Process:  Make a list of all parents who do not have or use email regularly and devise a system of contacting them.

Teacher Appreciation:  Head up or find someone to take the lead for teacher appreciation week in the Spring.  

Assist in locating parents to help with PTA activities:  PTA events often require assistance from parents who are unable to regularly attend PTA meetings. When other avenues have been tried, the room parent may be asked to help locate volunteers for special PTA events.  The room parent is important in this process because they know the individual parents’ talents, skills and availability and can often lead the PTA to a good match.

Involve Other Parents:  To find other parents to help the teacher. It is vitally important that the Room parents do not do all the work for the sake of all involved. Reasons: 1) The room parent cannot burn out half way through the year and leave the teacher hanging. 2) The other parents should not be denied the opportunity to help just because they are not Room Parents. 3) The teacher should not be denied the opportunity of meeting and working with all parents.

NOTE: You do NOT have to be a member of the PTA or attend meetings to be a room parent. The PTA is the facilitator of the Room Parent Program.

Want to be a Room Parent? Contact your teacher and let him/her know!