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Drew Listserv and Social Media

There are two listservs for the Drew PTA. Both are only open to current Drew families and staff and all memberships require approval. 

Drew Parents Listserv

Join the Drew Parents’ email list to learn about PTA meetings, upcoming events, activities, and volunteer opportunities.  The listserv is for official PTA and administrative announcements only.

Drew Chat Listserv

Join the Drew Chat email list for open discussions between Drew parents regarding the school, the community, and other items that parents may find useful. The listserv is a good place to request information from experienced Drew parents and to stimulate discussion about school-related issues.


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What can be posted...

...on the Drew Parents Listserv? Any announcements with information about upcoming events or notices in direct relation to Drew Model School and its families. For example: Calendar updates; in-school or Drew-sponsored events; AMAC/Montessori events pertinent to Drew families; Special Education PTA (SEPTA) events; deadlines for Drew activities and submissions; other information that is directly related to Drew Model School.

...on the Drew Chat listserv? Anything the parents and staff on the listserv wants to post! Tips, hints, Drew activities with a smaller range of interest, recipes, upcoming local events, etc...This is a good forum to belong to for any Q&A you may have about Drew, an activity, etc... The only things that are NOT permitted are those that put Drew, its staff or its families in a negative light.

...on the Drew SpEd listserv? Anything pertaining to the SpEd community - inquiries, advice, requests for information, etc.

...on the Drew Facebook page? Upcoming events, activities, submissions deadlines, etc...related to school AND the community. So all of the items listed above and things such as local happenings that Drew families may want to hear about. Good news and fun and appropriate pics are also welcome.

Who can post on the listervs and on Facebook and how?

...on the Drew Parents Listserv? Moderators, Drew administration, chair members of the PTA and organizers/representatives of certain groups (like the SEPTA liaison, Reflections organizer, Odyssey of the Mind organizer, etc... Simply send your post in to the listserv and await approval. All posts are pending approval from the listserv moderators. If we feel that the post does not belong on the Drew Parents listserv, we will forward it on over to Drew Chat.

If you are not one of the approved people to post on Drew Parents, send your request/announcement to and, if it's something we feel the Drew Parents community would like to know about, we'll post it as an announcement.

If you have an upcoming activity or event pertinent to Drew families that you'd like to have included on the Drew Parents weekly calendar announcement, send it over to and we'll include it. The calendar usually goes out on Sundays, so try to have your submissions in at least by Friday evening.

**NOTE: Please check previous announcement and calendar posts before submitting your posts/putting in your requests to avoid the possibility of multiple announcements for the same activities/events. We try to stay on top of all upcoming events as they come along and aim to keep posts about each event to 1-2x a week at maximum to reduce the amount of e-mail received from this listserv in accordance to member wishes.

...on the Drew Chat and Drew SpEd listservs? Any member can post. All posts are pending approval from listserv moderators.

...on the Drew Facebook page? Anyone who "likes" the page can post, however, if you want your post to be highlighted, it should be submitted to Feel free to send along graphics and attachments as they can be put on the Facebook page as well. The Facebook page is open and public so we will not include your personal e-mail address on postings if you prefer us not to.

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