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Fall 2014 Raffle Coming Soon!
An All-Inclusive Party for your Child!
...or a complete dinner for you and friends at a local restaurant for winners without children.

No iPads this year! This year we are raffling off a COMPLETE PARTY for your child! The winner(s) will be able to pick one of several venues for a fully hosted party -or- a full dinner party at a local restaurant. Keep an eye out on Facebook, the PTA website and here for details!

Pitch in!

Want to pitch in to make these several efforts the biggest success possible? Have a random “white-elephant” new in the package? A duplicate toy your child received? A gift card you “know” you’ll never use? A penchant for baking delicious sweet treats? Consider donating these and other items as raffle prizes! 

When we all pitch in, amazing things can happen!